P Series

Full Range & Point Source

High-End Solutions

During the P-Series concept development we and our industry partners have created a new generation of horn loaded point source systems. Together with our weil known leading suppliers and international top partners, we have created high end sound systems with outstanding performance, perfect tonal balance and impressive distortion free SPL. All single parts are selected and combined together in the best technical and acoustical way. The P-Series is constructed as a range of reinforcement systems, which combines lightweight Neodym components, and perfect tuned passive crossovers to a maximum of performance and sonic clarity. The perfectly constructed easy to use rigging system is designed for most flexible sound reinforcement applications, from basic setups for conferences up to large live events or installations. Even in most advanced acoustic challenges, the P-Series is the perfect choise. 

The P-Series speakers can be perfectly combined with all B-Series active and passive subwoofers where really clear, deep and loud low frequency reproduction is needed. 

Weatherproof cabinet IP 54 

Polyurea coating for outdoor installation 

Perforated, galvanized and anodized front grill 

Airflow optimized front grill 

High performance FE and ND components 

PM 4 Technology 

High driver PTC protection 

Constant dispersion 

Rotatable horns 

Self lock U-Bracket system 

Ergonomic grip handles 

Perfect matching accessories 

Optional Fly bar 

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