After more than 30 years experience in research, development and manufacturing of professional audio products whole over the world it’s time to start something new.

QPRO AUDIO GERMANY. provides a complete spectrum of loudspeakers and electronics for the professional audio market. Its single products are designed for the whole range of applications and harmonize perfectly with each other.

OUR PRODUCTS. dsp controlled 2-way and 3-way point source loudspeaker cabinets for stadiums, open air events, festivals, discotheques, and large theaters 

passive systems for auditoriums, night clubs, and smaller open air events

bass systems – the ideal complement for all active and passive components

active and passive multifunctional speakers and stage monitors

dsp controlled power amplifiers and loudspeaker management systems

OUR FEATURES. All those systems share some features worth being mentioned explicitly. Decisive features when intending to buy sound reinforcement equipment. Important features for us, the loudspeaker and amplifier designers. Features appreciated by yourself and the audience, even after years of use.  Some of those features make us unique.

THE HUMAN FACTOR. It is the ear, your ear, the decision for a certain loudspeaker depends on. A diagram – be it ever so impressing – is merely a graphical representation of what we hear. Thus, we keep completing all our technical tests by listening to the sound produced. Professionals of all fields of expertise thoroughly examine each product. Their well-trained hearings detect what may have escaped our notice just viewing metering data and curves.

THE CRAFT FACTOR. The single parts of our sound reinforcement systems are professionally assembled in our workshops. People working here know their business. Genuine craftsmen. 

That’s why each system leaving our workshops is a high-quality product.

THE EXPERIENCE FACTOR. Beside all technical equipment like the most modern simulation tools 

and acoustic – electronic measurement systems, the experience in research, development and manufacturing of professional audio products is the key for a perfect product.

We at QPRO AUDIO GERMANY put all our experience together to create totally new audio solutions for better performance, better sound quality, better functionality and a maximum of customer satisfaction.

Our team is always there to support you and give you answers and solutions.

We look forward to do something great together.


Let’s start a project together.