M Series

Full Range - Multipurpose - Vertical Array

Allround Solutions

The M-Series loudspeakers are allrounders for a wide range of applications. From a 2 x 6.5″/1″ System to a 12″/1.4″ System, up to a 4 x 6.5″/3 x 1″ fully horn loaded System the M-Series can be used for Rental, Installation, Churches, Stadions, Clubs or Bars. Equipped with uncompromising chassis technology and perfect balanced passive crossovers, the M-Series loudspeaker technology allows a very compact and light weight design. The constant coverage and excellent tonal balance with high dynamic delivers outstanding, distortion free performance also at very high level. Beside the M64 Vertical Array, the M12 and M62 are equipped with rotatable horns to allow the horizontal and vertical use. The C-Series is the perfect solution for indoor – outdoor installations and rental applications. The M-Series speakers can be perfectly combined with all 8-Series active and passive subwoofers where really clear, deep and loud low frequency reproduction is needed. 

Perfect matching accessories, like U-Brackets with quick angle adjustment system or fly bars and system array bars are available as on option. 

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