B Series

Passive High Power Subwoofers

Subwoofer Solutions

B-Series loudspeakers are uncompromising subwoofers, using the latest speaker technologies with extended cooling systems to lower the power compression. The extended controlled Xmax allows the distortion free and impressive reproduction of low and ultra low frequencies.
The double flared ventilation port is designed as a highly efficient waveguide, which reduces airflow noise down to a minimum.
The matrix cabinet design is a stiff and stable wooden cabinet enclosure, which can reduce resonances highly efficient. The cabinets are constructed from plywood and covered with weather and impact protecting polyurea coating.
The front of the B-Series subwoofers are protected by an air flow optimized metal front grill with acoustically transparent foam. With two additional Speakon connectors on the front it is easy to use the subwoofers also in cardioid setups.
Ideal to use where very high SPL, clear and deep subwoofer performance is needed. 

The B-Series subwoofers are compatible with all M-Series and P-Series loudspeakers. 

B 12 and B 18 can be flown with an optional flyware kit which also allows the conntection to all M-Series and P-Series loudspeakers.

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