QLE Series

Two & Four Channel Amplifiers

The QLE-Series amplifiers are digital two and four-channel amplifiers. 

All QLE models have a very high-efficient switch mode power supply, which ensures best and stable performance even at full power. Our digital amplifier technology, together with the use of best selected electronic components allows the 4 Ohm use of all two or four channels at same time with a maximum power. packed in a lightweight and compact size of 1U. The QLE-Series is equipped with a switch on the back panel to adjust the Input sensitivity t0.7V or 1V to match with other devises. The SPEAKON outputs are mounted at the rear side. The SPEAKON connector of the output channel A (1+/1-) is connected with all four poles and offers the output signal of channel B at the pins 2 (+/-). Channel C + D is equipped with the same wiring. This four-pole connection makes it easy to connect a Sub / Sat system with one cable only. The QLE-Series can be switched into stereo, mono and bridge mode. In mono mode the input signal from channel A is linked to the output channel A + B, and input C is linked to output C + D. In bridget mode the connection is 1+/2- on output A and output C. The Clip limiter can be switched On/Off on all channels. 

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