E Series Active

Multifunctional Fullrange Speakers and Subwoofers
Bi - Amped with integrated DSP

Active Solutions

The active E-Series loudspeakers are multifunctional fullrange and monitor speakers. Equipped with uncompromising chassis technology and a 1000 W Class D bi-amped power module with extensive DSP features, the E-Series can deliver outstanding sound quality and high dynamic. Ideal to use as FOH loudspeaker, delay, monitor, frontfill on small to medium stages or in installations where high sound quality is required. The rotatable 90° x 60° horn makes it possible to use in horizontal or vertical direction. 

The E-Series 18″ subwoofer with 100mm voice coil and a precise tuned cabinet is the perfect extension if very low frequencies with outstanding dynamic is needed. 

The E 18 A is an seif powered subwoofer. The powerful 3 channel amplifier module delivers 1000 W (AES) for the subwoofer channel and additional 2 x 500 W (AES) for mid/high cabinets. The switch mode power supply can deliver large headroom for the amplifiers even at full power. The 96KHz / 24-bit DSP engine features all controller functions as Noise Gate, crossover filters, parametric EQs per input and output sections, alignment delay, all in all everything needed to optimize a self-powered loudspeaker. All setup parameters for input mixing, DSP features and the limiter setting are accessible by using the remote PC software.

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