QLM Series

Loudspeaker Management System

The QLM-Series are powerful DSP based loudspeaker management systems, ideally suited for install and rental application, where outstanding sound quality and a remote control software with extensive functions is needed. The QLM-Series has two devices with 2 In – 4 Out channels and 4 In – 8 Out channels. 

Each output has a gain control, variable delay, highpass and lowpass crossover filters, seven band multi-type filters, polarity, input signal source and limiter. The crossover filters offer slopes of up to 48d8/Octave. 

Each input has a gain control, variable delay, multi-type filters. Filter types included parametric equalisation, high & low shelving, notch, band-pass, all-pass, variableQ high pass & lowpass. 

The internal structure allows completely flexible routing of any output from any combination of inputs. 

Beside the normal possibility to store and load a preset, the QLM-Series also provides a unique storage function where it is possible to store and load single speakers. This allows to combine any speaker from our Qpro database together. For remote control the QLM-Series provide a USB, and RS 485 port. 

Security lock is avaiable for each parts. 

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